Moulsford Cricket Club

Moulsford Cricket Club - Historical Awards

Bryan Parkes won batting 8 times, John Bonner 6; Allan Newman won bowling 8 times, The "Tony Buchan Memorial Shield" was presented in 1976 and has been played forbetween Radley and Moulsford: It was Won by Moulsford in 1977 & 1990. Radley

Won it from 1978-1985,1987-1989&1991/2. No game in 1986.

The "Timmins Cup" was presented in 1980. It was to be awarded to the best Club All-Rounder. John Bonner(5), Matthew Nunn(4), Chris Bonner (3) to 2001, But 2000 record N/A

The "John Parkes Trophy" was presented in 1970. It has been used for Club SingleWickets from 1970-1975 and for Special Award or Young Player from 1980-onwards.

Dave Bonner(4), M.H-F(3). But 2000 record N/A

Single wicket winners: pre-1983 not on record; 1983 and 1984 Ray Hare; 1985, 1986 and 1987

Bryan Parkes; 1988 Hilary Farrar-Hockley.

Year                                         Timmins Cup                                       John Parkes trophy

                                                (All Rounder)                                        (Special/Young Player)

1980                                         B. Parkes                                              M. Tilling

1981                                         J. Bonner                                              C. Bonner

1982                                         K. Loveridge                                         D. Slade (jnr?)

1983                                         P. Fielding                                            C. Bonner

1984                                         S. Panigrahi                                          Miss R. Slade

1985                                         J. Bonner                                              M. Nunn

1986                                         M. Nunn                                                D. Bonner

1987                                         M. Nunn                                                D. Bonner

1988                                         D. Bonner                                             C. Guinan

1989                                         M. Nunn                                                J. Hitchman

1990                                         M. Nunn                                                C. Guinan

1991                                         J. Bonner                                              A. Ireson

1992                                         J. Bonner                                              Miss B. Tyrrell

1993                                         C. Bonner                                             M. Hamilton-Farey

1994                                         G. Holland                                            M. Hamilton-Farey

1995                                         M. Abery                                               S. Weaver

1996                                         C. Bonner                                             D. Bonner

1997                                         C. Bonner                                             D. Bonner

1998                                         J. Bonner                                              M.H-F & D. Smith

1999                                         D. Bonner                                             I. Williamson

2000                                         J. Davey                                               L. Dixon & N. Bone

2001                                         G. Holland                                            G. Hearman

Tony Buchan used to run a Club 'telephone' Quiz. Because the interest in a Club Annual Dinner has waned, we hope now to hold an Annual Club Night and Quiz. The 1993 Evening has been held and the specifically bought Annual Shield was

presented to the Winning Team "Number 5'!.

Chris Green Trophy “Top Banana” – Most unfortunate performance in a season!

 – 1996 Chris Bonner, 1997 Bryan Parkes, 1998 Paul Davies, 1999 Allan Newman.