Moulsford Cricket Club

Moulsford Cricket Club - Club Rules



                                                      Constitution and Rules: -


1. Title

The Club shall be known as the Moulsford Cricket Club - hereinafter referred to as the Club.


2. Objects

To provide cricket facilities and promote interest in the game.


3. Structure

The Club shall be comprised of:

         a) The President                        b) Vice-Presidents

         c) Honorary Vice-Presidents         d) Life Members

         e) Playing Members                    f) Non-Playing Members

         g) Elected Officers . .  and          h) A Committee . . from the Membership


4. Membership


Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons resident in the Parish of Moulsford and other persons as approved by the Committee, who shall have the power to refuse or terminate any Membership, bearing in mind that the following clause must be carefully considered:-

Equal Opportunities:

Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour,

social status and sexual orientation.

Conduct and Disciplinary Action:

Players, officials, members, supporters and employees must adhere to the Club code of conduct, which prohibits

racially abusive comments and actions against fellow players, officials, members, supporters and employees.

Failure to comply with this instruction will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offender(s)

as specified in the Club Constitution and decided by the Club Committee.

(Under ECB dictates the latter paragraph must appear on all Club Notice Boards and other publications.)


5. Elections and Appointments


At the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) there shall be elected, 'from those Members present,

by show of hands or secret ballot, at the Chairman's discretion' : -

a)    The President

b)    The Chairman    and    c) The Vice-Chairman

        (who shall be ex-officio on the Committee)

d)    The Officers (who shall be ex-officio on the Committee)

        i)  Honorary Secretary

       ii)  Honorary Treasurer   

       iii) The Captain               )      who may only be elected by the playing

       iv) Two Vice-Captains    )  members and Committee for the current season

e)    The Rest of  Committee  -   up to a total of ten Club Members including the Officers.


       Three  of which Officers, including the Chairman, shall be Moulsford residents, as far as possible.

       The Committee will be responsible to Club Members at the A.G.M.



a)    An Honorary Auditor shall be appointed at the A.G.M.

b)    Interested persons may be invited to become Vice-Presidents at the discretion of the Committee.

c)    Honorary Vice-Presidents may be appointed at the discretion of the Committee.

d)    Life Members may be appointed by the Club, if such persons provide an

             outstanding service to the Club or to the game.


                                                                                                     - 1 -

6. Meetings

a)    The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) will normally be held in November each year.

       The  Meeting  will receive the Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer  and  Elections  will be conducted

       as provided for in these Rules. Proposals for consideration at the Meeting, including any Rule changes,

       shall be discussed by the outgoing Committee and publicised before the Meeting.

b)    Extraordinary General Meetings: Not less than six Members may petition the Secretary for such a Meeting.

       [Fourteen days notice will be given of any General Meeting]

c)    AT LEAST three Committee Meetings must be held each year.

     Seven days notice of Committee Meetings will be given.

d)    Four persons, including at least two Officers, will form a quorum at any Meeting.


7. Finance

a)    The Financial Year will run from November 1st to October 31st.

b)    Balanced and Audited Accounts will be available at the A.G.M.

c)    A Banking Account will be kept for the Club.

d)    Four Members shall be nominated to sign cheques for the Club. The Treasurer  & Secretary shall be among these

       and Cheques must be signed by one of them and one other person from the four.

e)    Membership Fees:

i)   The Annual Subscription will be £10 (Ten Pounds) minimum,

     £3 (Three Pounds) minimum for those still in Full-Time education.

ii)  Subscriptions will be due by June 1st in each year. After June 1st the amount will be increased by 50p per week.

iii) New Members, joining after June 1st, will be charged a total calculated from 50p times the number of weeks

            left in the Fixtures, minimum.

       iv) Members in debt with the Club WILL NOT be considered for selection.

f)    Fees will be charged per game played, towards Kit and Running Expenses and for Teas. These Fees to be fixed each

       year by the Committee and printed on the Club Fixture Cards.


8. Awards

Playing Awards to be presented by the Club will be fixed by the Committee each year.


9. Rules

a)    Changes to the Rules must be carried by a two-thirds majority of Members present and voting at a General Meeting.

b)    The Committee, and, in emergency, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain, shall have the

        power to act on behalf of the Club, especially with regard to matters NOT provided for in these Rules. 

        Such actions to be answerable as soon as possible to the full Committee.


These Rules were passed by the Annual General Meeting held on 17 December 1973

Amendments made by the Annual General Meetings of 27 November 1975, 7 December 1986, 25 November 1990

and 11th March 2001(2000 AGM) are included. The latter meeting agreed to incorporate Equal Opportunities

Statements as required by the Club’s affiliation to the England (and Wales) CB and Oxfordshire Cricket Board


                                                                                                     - 2 -



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