Moulsford Cricket Club

Moulsford Cricket Club - Presidents Page!

“Close your eyes – picture the scene

The pub, the church, the village green,

Flanelled figures round the wicket,

This is England, this is cricket.

Even non-cricketers confess

Its quintessential Englishness.

It is, for those in any doubt,

What two world wars were all about;

Peace on earth and God in Heaven –

Tea time, 156 for 7...”

(With thanks to Arthur Salway’s ‘The English Game’)


It is an exciting event, I suggest, for a small village cricket club to celebrate its first 100 years.  One would like to know who encouraged the men of Moulsford to found the club In 1910; the year in which, according to Wisden, GA Faulkner of South Africa inspired his team mates to a notable Test victory over England  by scoring 545 runs and taking 29 wickets. 

We have our own heroes over the years with impressive records: among them, Ted Wells in the 1930s; and, notably, since early in the 1970s, John Bonner, Bryan Parkes, David Slade and Allan Newman.  Following the club’s excellent start to this centenary year – and a strong membership -  we look forward to others making their mark, with regular contributions to the team’s fortunes.

It would be remiss of me not to thank former players and administrators – and their families – for loyal support over so many years, which has brought us happily to our first unbeaten century.

May I wish everyone involved a productive and enjoyable season.  Moulsford Cricket Club remains a quintessentially English village cricket team intent on batting its way through a second century and beyond.

Dair Farrar-Hockley